Rolling Tray & 4 OCB Papers

Rolling Tray & 4 OCB Papers


OCB Tray & Paper Bundle consists 1 premium rolling tray of size 19cm x 14cm and 4 rolling papers of 1 1/4 size. The OCB Bundles are available in 4 designs, see images above.


The rolling sheets are 4 kinds and are available with each tray design.

  • 50 x OCB Premium 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
  • 50 x OCB X-Pert 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
  • 50 x OCB No-Blanqueado Virgin 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
  • 50 x OCB Canamo Organic1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
  • Additional

    The OCB Trial Pack is a great way to sample papers and a rolling tray from one of the best rolling paper companies. Each pack includes a metal rolling tray and 4 packs of papers - 2 packs of OCB Organic Hemp King Size, and 2 packs of OCB Virgin King Size. Organic Hemp papers are smooth, natural, and slow-burning, and Virgin papers are made completely free from harmful chemicals.

    The durable aluminum tray is available in 4 different styles, all with unique artwork. Whether you've smoked OCB before and are just looking for a good deal, or you've never tried OCB and you want to, this pack is the pack for you.