Doob Tubes - Funnies

Doob Tubes - Funnies


5 1/2" Mixed Color Doob Tube Funnies.


Select from various funny designs:

  • 4:20 Metting Reminder
  • Chronic
  • Roach Motel
  • The Bomb
  • Just say yes....


****Colors vary

  • Additional

    • TRAVEL SAFE: Doob Tubes are the only airtight, odor proof, and moisture resistant pocket sized travel tubes for storing your medicine or pre-rolled cigarettes | These hermetically sealed tubes are constructed of ultra high quality polycarbonate plastic and 100% USA Made | Safe, secure, and undetectable storage
    • STORE YOUR PRE-ROLL: Small size doob tubes store 110mm (king size), 1 1/4 inch (79mm), or smaller pre-rolled cigarettes | Large Size holds anything larger
    • STORE YOUR MEDICINE: Doob Tubes are your safest and freshest storage solution | Polycarbonate is so strong you can even run it over in your truck without harming contents | Your stash is secure