Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze


THC 16 - 20%


With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landracestrains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.


Myrcene (Herbal), Caryophyllene (Peppery), Limonene (Citrus)


Feelings: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Energetic, Creative


Helps With: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue


Side Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyese, Paranoid, Dizzy, Anxious


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