100 MG THC Full Spectrum Bath Bomb

100 MG THC Full Spectrum Bath Bomb

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Full Spectrum Bath Bomb

100 MG THC (Approxiately)


INGREDIENTS: Epsiom salts, natural baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, full spectrum cannabis infused coconut oil, butter milk powder, cream of tarter, distilled water, essential oils

  • All ingredients certified organic and fair trade
  • No artificial colours, additives or preservatives
  • GMO free


Each order comes with ONE (1) bath bomb. Please place an order with a higher quantity than ONE (1) if you would like more than ONE (1) bath bomb. Or select the appropriate option below for larger quanities and discounts.


Please specify your desired scent.


Available in Grapefruit Vanilla and Pathchulli Orange.


Our THC infused hand-made bath bombs are specifically designed for total body relaxation – one soak exposes your body to 100mg of THC, essential oils and organic ingredients with no artificial scents or colours. Using this product will not cause any psychoactive effects – THC will not penetrate the skin without a trans-dermal carrier, which is not present in our Bath Bombs.